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Eddie Izzard. . .

was genius last night.  If you're not aware, he performed in Dallas at the Majestic. You could definitely tell he hasn't done any stand up in a while, because he was pretty spastic.  But in a good way.  He talked about a lot of his usual stuff: religion, dinosaurs, Hitler, JFK, the Moon Landing, Stonehenge, history, etc..  He had very funny bits about Spartans, cavemen, and speaking in Latin. There were a couple times he pulled out his iPhone to check his facts on wikipedia. It was uber-great.

::begin rant::
SO WHY DO JACKASSES THINK IT'S FUNNY TO YELL RANDOM SHIT OUT AT HIM? One douchbag tried to correct him, others randomly yelled out stuff about the Riches, still others then yelled out catch lines in other bits (Do you have a flag? etc.)  He was very gracious, made an appropriate amount of fun, and finally basically said, "You can't just yell out any old thing for no reason."  It got so bad that every time he took a pause, I was waiting for someone to scream something dumb out.    It did not ruin the experience (it was Eddie, for Christ's sake), but me and my friend's running joke all night was that he is never coming to Dallas ever again because of fucking chodes who think they're funny.  Hey, clown shoes, just because you yell something out at a comedian, and he has to ask what the hell you said, doesn't mean you're having a conversation with him.  Just hope you realize that.
::rant over::



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Apr. 1st, 2008 06:46 pm (UTC)
fucking losers....he should have torn them apart.
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